“I originally came to Dr. Sahara for a severe muscle spasm in my upper back that landed me in the ER one night. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. Dr. Sahara helped me to see that that wasn’t the case at all. It didn’t come out of nowhere. It was a response to years of poor nutrition, stress and negative thinking. He helped me to see that I had control over all these areas of my life. I could choose to be in pain or not, choose to be happy or not and to choose to live a clam and happy existence in spite of my many chaotic events that surrounded me daily. I used to feel that I was a victim to my digestive disorders, skin problems, chronic pain, fatigue mood swings and depression. Dr. Sahara taught me how to create for myself a healthy mind and body through proper nutrition, treatment and positive thinking. I would say that the most significant area of change for me has been mental and emotional.

There were certain traumatic events in my life that I thought I would never recover from. My doctors continued to tell me that my negative were creating a myriad of health problems. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, interstitial cystitis, insomnia anxiety disorder and depression. I used to believe that I would never be a truly happy person because of all the emotional baggage I carried with me daily in spite of ten years of therapy. Somehow this has changed within my four months of treatment. For the first time in ten years I feel that my past no longer haunts my emotions and thoughts. I finally have a sense of mental clarity, peace and awareness that I never knew existed. In turn, this has given my body the serenity it needed to heal and function properly. I now understand what it takes to feel great everyday and I never knew it would be so simple. I am now go grateful for the muscle spasm that brought me to the Sahara Clinic because the treatment and education has changed my life.”


– Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux, Interstitial Cystitis, Insomnia Anxiety Disorder and Depression Patient.