“The main purpose for my visit to Dr. Sahara was to bring my health from good to better. I had lower left back pain, an ovarian cyst, irregular menstrual cycles and suffered from depression for several years. I feel that all these relate to one’s health and that if I brought myself to better health it would be allow me to overcome these issues. I’m not one who likes to take medications, especially for my mental situations. I’m a believer in natural healing. I don’t agree with society’s way of popping a pill for everything because that doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Popping pills is the easy way out, a cover up and eventually leads to nothing but a side effect to a side effect. This was more the reason why I went to see Dr. Sahara. I liked that he was going to “fix” me and not just provide temporary relief. After only 2 visits my ovarian cyst was gone. In regards to my moods I feel much more centered and mentally balanced. Even when I had the flu I wasn’t in as bad as shape as usual.

During my cold I went to see Dr. Sahara and immediately I felt better, in which I now, jokingly, call him the “witch doctor.” Its funny how my nose cleared up and my head didn’t feel as cloudy while he was treating me. I didn’t take any medications rather I fought it off naturally. I recently finished a cleansing program which has also brought up my energy level and am much more focused and alert. I used to be the type to forget things all the time but I seem to be more on the ball when it comes to remembering even the little things, like my grocery list. But most importantly, ever since I finished the cleanse my menstrual cycle regulated. This line of medical practice may not be for everybody. It’s not the simple get better quick, easy way out scheme. It takes patience and diligence, and in the long run you will only achieve better health. This is real human science and I stand strong to the philosophy of this practice. I highly urge everyone to have an open mind and give it a try. As long as you follow doctor’s orders you can, and will, benefit.”


– Women’s Issues/Depression Patient