Back, Hip & Sports Pain

“I came to Dr. Darrick Sahara in December 2004 with severe lower back and hip pain, experienced from sitting too long working on a case for days. By the end of my first visit, I could walk with very little pain and fully recovered within a few days. During my visit,  Darrick and I spoke at length about the stress my body endured as a result of my occupation and the lack of energy I continued to experience, despite exercising and watching my diet. I knew something was wrong with my body – I had developed high blood pressure and signs of hypertension and was experiencing frequent, recurring migraines that were interrupting my life and my business and I was becoming addicted to Ibuprofen for my headaches.  Never a fan of pills or doctors, I was a skeptic, at first, listening to Darrick explain how natural supplements and chiropractic kinesiology could help restore harmony and balance in my body, which would affect my energy levels and my ability to handle stress.

He immediately substituted a natural supplement for the Ibuprofen I was taking and started regular chiropractic and toxin releasing treatments, and as a result, my migraines drastically reduced in frequency from twice a week to an average of 1 a month. I was sold !  Darrick also helped me optimize my performance outside the office, on the ice. I play hockey four times a week for stress relief and sheer fun, but have sustained common hockey injuries (severe groin pull, ankle bone and muscular bruising from puck shots, neck strains), as a result of playing so much.  Darrick has not only helped my injuries heal but his treatments have allowed me to return to the ice weeks prior to expected average healing time (in time for playoffs !). When I’m not injured, Darrick’s treatment, including natural supplements, has focused on enabling faster muscle recovery time, building stronger muscle and ligaments that would be less prone to injury, and optimizing my energy level in high-intensity game situations.

The side effects of his treatment: I’ve learned that water is really my friend even though it gets boring (I do sneak in a Gatorade after the game – the anti-sugar speech hasn’t worked on me, yet, but Darrick’s trying). I hate taking pills (whether natural or not !) and I take some monster size ones now, but I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my energy level, my mood, and ability to handle stress when I don’t take the supplements (such as calcium, fish oil, and other vitamins that target inflammation and toxins).  I don’t suffer from the flu or colds half as much now, since I’ve been receiving regular treatments from Darrick, despite being around my staff who are often becoming ill because of their kids bringing home illnesses from school.

The other side effect of his treatment: I’ve lost over 20 pounds in the last six months, going down almost two sizes in my clothes  – I’ve had to buy new clothes (yes, quite a nightmare for a woman !).

I highly recommend Darrick Sahara as a sports injury doctor and as alternative medicine guru. There are no quick fixes to anything but over time, I have seen Darrick’s advice and treatments and my discipline (to actually follow his directions) make a dramatic and positive impact on my emotional and physical well-being. Darrick has shown me time and time again that he deserves my trust. I have been working with someone who has helped me target the underlying causes for my aches and pains instead of just treating the pain and not helping me get rid of it for good. I feel like my body is working like it should now – I haven’t felt this energetic in 15 years. And, as long as I keep up hockey, I’ll be a client for life.”


– Heather L. Poole, Severe Low Back & Hip Pain Patient