“In 1997 I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian/uterine cancer. Very fortunately I survived. Surviving however was all I had managed to do. Every day was a struggle. I had no awareness that I could actually feel “alive”. Five years later I was introduced to acupuncture, which improved my health substantially. As a result, I began to understand holistic health and the body mind connection. Thus began my search for optimal health. I moved from acupuncture to nutripuncture. Again, I reached a new plateau. However, as my health improved, it was not until I came into contact with Dr. Darrick Sahara that my life changed, and my search had ended.”


“I have seen Dr. Sahara now for almost three years. I am now living that life I was intended to live, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of his treatments, based in Applied Kinesiology, I have been able to do things with my body, I never thought possible. I have made life-changing decisions that continue to bring me to new levels of consciousness and happiness. I am convinced that I could not have done this without Dr. Sahara. He is a gift from God and I am lucky that he came into my life.”

“I am thrilled to give this testimonial. Faith, trust and an open mind are necessary, but are a small price to pay.”


– Optimal Recovery After Ovarian Cancer patient, 52 years old.