“Just wanted to drop you a note about the amazing improvement in my pain and health since being treated by Dr. Darrick Sahara.  I’d had two surgeries 5 years prior, and both of those surgeries were a “success” according to the X-rays and MRIs, but the pain in my lower back felt as bad as it had before surgery.  I’d found it necessary to take a narcotic pain medication, and cortisone injections into my spine every few months, to allow me to endure the pain.  I also suffered from fibromyalgia, a condition that caused almost every muscle in my body to suffer constant sharp pangs of pain like muscle pain following an exhaustive workout.

I was introduced to Dr. Sahara at a lunchtime seminar you arranged here at Parsons.  I was very impressed after my first two  appointments, in that his approach is to treat the “total person”.  This included a simple, healthy nutrition plan.  After two weeks of following his eating plan, I lost 12 pounds; after four weeks (with some cheating), I’ve lost 19.  The most amazing thing is that I’m never the slightest bit hungry.  This is a major change from other diets I’ve tried over a lifetime struggle with food/weight.  I’m convinced that this food plan is giving my body everything it needs, which is why I’m not hungry.  Naturally, my blood pressure has dropped along with the weight.

I can’t believe the dramatic improvement in my level of pain.  Before being treated by Dr. Sahara, I was unable to walk more than about 2 blocks or suffer agonizing pain that would keep me awake at night, along with the constant pain of fibromyalgia.  The narcotic pain medications I had to take relieved this pain for a few hours at best.  Now my fibromyalgia is approximately 90% better – I only rarely have symptoms – usually after “cheating” on Dr. Sahara’s food plan.  I feared the chiropractic adjustments he made to my lower back and neck (sites of the two surgeries in 2000), might hurt me;  but instead I feel only half of the pain and stiffness in my neck and back.  I’ve been able to completely stop one medication (Robaxin 750 mg. 4/day) that I’d taken for the last 5 years for pain and muscle spasms.

My hope in going to see Dr. Sahara was to be able to postpone another surgery to my lower back for one year, to allow me time to “save up” PTO and PTI to cover the surgery.  Today I’m certain I’ll reach that goal.  And I believe it’s even possible I may be able to avoid another back surgery completely.  In sum, I recommend Dr. Sahara to anyone suffering from pain, as an adjunct to treatment from their primary care physician.  They may find more help and relief from the treatments they receive from Dr. Sahara than from the traditional methods offered by their physician; while possibly being able to reduce prescription medications (with their risk of side-effects) as I have.

I’m most impressed by Dr. Sahara’s obvious care and concern for my well-being, and his remarkable memory of my medical history.  In my opinion, he is a truly gifted healer, which is so very rare.   I’m recommending him to everyone I know who suffers from pain relating to muscle/skeletal issues.  Anyone with questions may feel free to call me.”

– Severe Chronic Low Back Pain With No Relief Patient, 52 yrs old