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E-mail: saharaclinicdc@gmail.com

Dr. Darrick E. Sahara, is a multi-specialized chiropractor now offering his treatment in California. The Sahara Clinic provides holistic health care, which includes more then mere chiropractic services. Pasadena chiropractor Beverly Hills chiropractic Hollywood chiropractor Los Angeles Silverlake Southern California Santa Barbara Ventura County chiropractic Dr. Sahara is Board Certified with Advanced Clinical Proficiency in Applied Kinesiology (AK), and has attained post-graduate certifications in Total Body Modification (TBM) and Natural Healing. Most interestingly, Dr. Sahara has spent 2½ NFL seasons in Kansas City as an Associate Alternative Team Doctor. He is a cancer survivor and lives by the “simple diet.” Recently, Dr. Sahara has been featured in theWhittier Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and Pasadena Star-News (3/29/05).

The Sahara Clinic presents Dynamic Chiropractic Kinesiology specially tailored for our high profile clientele (individuals/entities). We offer an assortment of services for individuals with unique needs. These groups include athletes, performers, artists, entertainers, etc. The Sahara Clinic brings the AK experience to your home, office, hotel, suite, etc., called Dynamic Chiropractic Kinesiology Visits. In addition, we offer complete privacy by shutting down our new Pasadena, CA location (221 E. Walnut St., Ste. 130) for total-privacy in-office visits.[1]

Dr. Sahara looks to practice his multi-specializations and professional sports training on people of any age, gender and/or ethnicities. Moreover, Dr. Sahara “fixes” people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach problems, weight problems, depression, headaches, etc., etc., and obviously has much training in sports injuries and health, providing more treatment than simple physical therapy (from the minor cold, to the broken leg, to alternative cancer treatment).

Dr. Sahara is an expert in detoxification and implements many techniques in removing unsafe/unhealthy toxins from your body. His state of the art machines, laser, techniques, adjustments, methodology, therapy, diet and/or lifestyle is sure to change your life forever !

Do you have something that has been bothering you? Any pain from a prior injury? Are you uncomfortable? Not sleeping well? Overweight? Are you tired of waiting rooms and angry secretaries? Have you lost faith in traditional medical practices of drug/medication pushing? Are you ready to get better, feel healthier, sleep better, love yourself and look/feel great? Maybe you are interested in prevention of pain, illness and/or disease. Maybe you need to lose weight. Simply put, aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Isn’t it time to detox? If so, schedule an appointment immediately, and come to the Sahara Clinic to end your problems, end your pain and to begin a new healthier, pain-free and happier you!

No matter what your profession entails, every performance is better when you are feeling 100% !

[1] The Sahara Clinic offers traditional in office visits. However, just like an alternative doctor, the Sahara Clinic offers alternative VIP care. These out-of-office visits, or Dynamic Chiropractic Kinesiology Visits (DCKV) can be scheduled and costs range as to mileage. In addition, the Sahara Clinic offers VIP office visits in which the entire office is shut down for clients with special needs. Please call Marc to make dynamic arrangements/appointments (323) 270-2


Dr. Darrick Sahara is the official chiropractor of World Famous musicians Dashboard Confessional and Dan Lanois.



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