Adult Female, complaint: severe vomitting, weight loss, depression

When I first saw Dr. Sahara I was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning, an open Ileocical valve – plus its opposite valve-and numerous allergies.  My mouth tasted like metals were present.  I had the worst head aches I had ever experienced- unusual since I rarely have head aches.  I had chills and fever plus nausea and vomiting.  I went from 163 lbs down to less than 140 lbs. in about 3 weeks.  Little that I ate stayed down.  At times I was getting no food, just acid like bile in what I vomited.  It was not unusual to have 5 or 6 violent vomiting sessions a day.  I was very, very weak and could hardly walk a short distance.  My heart was racing- even at rest.  I was having great difficulty in functioning mentally- I could not remember many simple things.

Unlike many other health professionals, Dr. Sahara dealt with my emotions and spiritual aspects of what was going on.  I was very depressed and cared little about whether I lived or died due to the pain, lack of sleep, etc.

Now I can eat and keep the food down.  The taste of metal is gone as are the awful head aches.  I am aware of numerous food and chemical allergies so that I avoid them.  My weight has stabilized and I’ve begun to gain back some of the lost weight.  I am able to briskly walk without effort.  My heart rate is back to a more normal rate. My mental functioning is much sharper. My spirits are optimistic, and I look forward to full recovery.

Loren M.