Congenial Hip/ Chronic Lower Back Pain

“For 15 years, I experienced lower back pain, each year getting progressively worse. My diagnosis had ranged from: 1) minor scoliosis, resulting in a pinched nerve; 2) the overall structure of my body; 3) working too hard and not resting enough; 4) unresolved emotional issues; to 5) being psychosomatic. Over the years, western doctors told me there was nothing that could be done; that I’d have to learn to live with the pain and that exercise might help (it didn’t). The holistic or non-traditional healers focused on emotions or energy and had me be present to and recognize experiences that upset me or created stress in my life. Just recognizing them would stop the pain. But this too didn’t help.

In mid 2006 I started having severe back spasms (the most horrific pain imaginable). The overall pain had become so unmanageable that I thought I might soon not be able to work or function. I could no longer sleep through the night; every few moments I had to turn and shift to relieve the pain. Consequently, I was always tired. To put on my socks or panty hose was unbearable. To sit in a car or plane for longer than 30 minutes was out of the question. I recall flying to Baltimore in June for an annual reunion and thinking to myself that this might be the last time I would ever see my colleagues. My orthopedic doctor sent me to physical therapy (although he thought all I needed was rest). I went for four weeks… my back pain was getting worse. I tried acupuncture and got no relief.

In October I decided to run for the school board. My husband thought I was absolutely crazy, given the pain I was in. But I had learned to live with pain and decided that I simply could not give in to it; I couldn’t let it determine my life. Around that time my girlfriend told me that her massage therapist told her about a doctor had “cured” him of his lower back pain by changing his diet. She thought I should find out about this doctor. I first thought this was crazy. How could diet affect ones soft tissue, nerves, spine, or whatever was STRUCTURALLY wrong with me? But deciding to run for school board meant that I had to try anything and everything. I was committed to ending this pain.

In late December I went to Dr. Sahara. He spent an hour an a half asking me questions, looking at my body movements, testing my energy by having me raise my arm and push back on his resistance (very strange!). By the end of the session he told me he was sorry that I had spent 15 years with pain UNNECESSARILY. He found that I had inflammation and that my adrenal gland was out of balance, both largely responsible for my pain. He was confident that he could “fix” me. He would treat the causes to my lower back pain which would include specific chiropractic adjustments, energetic medicine such as meridian therapy (acupuncture), Applied Kinesiology, natural supplementation, and diet. We talked about what I could not eat under any circumstance. No wheat/flour, no sugar, no dairy, and nuts, etc. etc. He also gave me supplements and recommended detoxification at the end of each future session. Changing my diet was very difficult — not eating bread or flour tortillas seemed impossible. But I was committed.

By March (just 3 months later), I was 25% better. Not one single back spasm, and I was starting to sleep through the night. By June I could bend to put on my socks without pain. That month I drove to Ensenada for a funeral — I managed a 3 hour drive with no problem! I was 60% better. It is now September and I’ve had weeks where I feel 90% “fixed.” Depending on how much I cheat on the flour or the sugar, I go up and down.

The best way to describe my experience is to share with you that each morning I wake up and my first thoughts are about being grateful… to the universe for leading me to Dr. Sahara, and to Dr. Sahara for his gift. I literally wake up and say out loud: ‘ I am so grateful. Thank you.’ ”


– Congenial Hip/ Chronic Lower Back Pain Patient, 44 years old.